Nov 4, 2011


Right now I am M.I.A. due to a troublesome computer. A big thank you to all the people that understood that andoffered to help right away, the ones who bought my document, sent me messages and comments and commisioned me work. I will be online as soon as I am able to, many blessings to you and your loved ones.

It was my intention to release the Lunar Talisman Document this day of the Moon, hour of the Moon,but was unable  to do so. Hopefully I can do that Monday.

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Oct 28, 2011

One censer is not enough?

 Acording to the Ritual prescribed by the Key of Solomon... nope!

 My own ritual censer, which I find most satisfiyng for perfuming the circle, myself and other people in ritual, is made of brass, comes from Syria and is destined for use in the sevice of Eastern Orthodox Churches. Alas, it's only one.

After realising that a dagger, a wand, a pentacle and  a cup are not enough to perform a full magical evocation, we come to study the true implements required by our Art.

In Book Two:

[...]Without these circles shalt thou circumscribe a square, and beyond that another square, so that the angles of the former may touch the centres of the sides of the latter, and that the angles of the latter may stretch towards the four quarters of the Universe, East, West, North, and South; and at the four angles of each square, and touching them, thou shalt describe lesser circles wherein let there be placed standing censers with lighted7 charcoal and sweet odours.

In Book One, we also find:

After this the master should quit the circle, light the fuel in the earthen pots, and place upon them the censers, in the four quarters of the Earth; 

We have every reason to believe this is not a modern modification of Mathers, since these details are also found in the oldest English manuscript of the Key, The Clavicle of Solomon, revealed by Ptolomy the Grecian:

[...] beyond that circle, make a square circle as all thinges appeareth heare one the other side [i.e. on the following page], in the circle made to the eye, In the summyte of every corner let a litle roundle be made, wherein the pott with good coles, and spices shall be put, and let one sword be fastned in the ground by a foote behinde the pott as it followeth.

Very interesting detail, there must be one sword planted behind each pot, in an operation which requires one Master and four apprentices. 

Let each one of the other[s] have a cleane sworde in his hand, soe that the remnante have a sworde they hold in there handes by the pomell, soe that they moove (?) them not that be fastned by the potts, & the swordes that they hold in there handes, be forbiti like other. And let the mr goe out of the circle, and kindle the fyer of ye potts and put in the spice coniured, as it followeth, of fumigations.

The images of the circles invariably have these censers in place, labelled OLLA, according to the location of the four cardinal points.

As you see above, I already have one brass censer for all purposes, which works very  good. So I had to find a solution.

First I looked everywhere for simple, clean, earthen pots. In America they can be hard to find, but in Romania, I still had some chanses. Unfortunatelly, the traditional Romanian crafts like woodcarving and pottery are slowly dying, and folk art fairs see more and more kitsch products. In the rural parts of Romania there are still skilled potters, but they glaze and decorate their bowls. The most common bowl is for eating soups and stues, called "strachina" (pronounced strah-kee-noh)  but almost always glazed and painted attractively. I could have looked for a master potter, but I don't have a car to go around the rural parts. 

What I had was a friend in art school who had a friend in the pottery section. I ordered him four simple pots, with a leg stand. After a year or so of asking him every week if the guy did them, I gave up.

I found a simple white ceramic bowl in the local hypermarket, which looked  promising.  The only thing I did not know was how heat resistant it truely was. 

The natural thing to do (challenge accepted!) is to test every possible way of burning coals in it:

1. Put four coals in the bare vessel.
2. Put sand in vessel, then put coals in.
3.Put stones in vessel, then put coals in.

I bought a few bowls for practice and began.  The coals I use differ from the usual ones. In smaller workings I use self-lighting coals, with salpeter. I burn them outside my ritual area to get the salpeter smoke out, blow on them to make them burn and only then put them to work. 

In my evocations I use non-salpeter ones. I have very good bamboo coals for my shisha, and they burn very well. They take about half an hour to an hour to extinguish when used on a shisha, so I figured they can last even longer when nobody is sucking the air from underneath in their naughty yet chilling oriental smoke session. I usually light a few on my stove, blow on them to get an eaven burn and place them with some metal tongs in the censer.

1. Put four coals in the bare vessel.

I lit six pieces of coal and put them in, arranging them nicely. You have to make a small pit from coles so the beads of incense don't roll off them, but stay in the center where the heat is greater.

Also, I added a simple ceramic plate. My brass censer gets very hot after a while, so handling it is very hard or impossible. Since this was a fixed censing pot, the only problem was overheating and burning though my cloth circle, catching fire. They burned consistently for about two hours, which is great, having time to do all necessary preparations, invocations, conjurations, questioning the spirit, giving license to depart, and so forth.

  Final result: FAIL. Why? The heat cracked the poor bowl right in half. The plate was also very hot, but not dangerously so.
2. Put sand in vessel, then put coals in.

Because I tried this before, I will not duplicate it with this bowl.
The shortcomings of this method are:

-you cannot use your breath, bellows, a blow pipe or a fan to vent the coals, because the sand will get everywhere.

-the coal being set atop the sand, there is very little ventilation from beneath. No oxygen can mean no burning, and the coals can die out mid evocation.

-I like to collect the ash from rituals for other magical works. I consider it sacred ash. You cannot gather ash from sand.

-if a dog peed in the sandpile you took it from, it's desecrated. And ickyyy!

3.Put stones in vessel, then put coals in.
Now this, my friends, is the way to go. Practicle reasons:
-the bowl does not crack, as the stones insulate it.
-the spaces between the stones vent oxygen from beneath, letting  the coald 'breathe'. Not too much, burning the coals too fast, and not too little, extinguishing them.
-the coals can make the pit shape I talked about, so even if you toss in the incense in a hurry, most of it will be rolled down in this pit, and not fall off the coals. A small mountain of coals is a very bad idea, a lot of incense can go unburnt.
But even here there can be hick-ups...

My first trial involved the only rocks I had, a few stones from my mineral collection. I had plenty of those and I decided a little heat and frankincense wont't kill them. 
I arranged the stones and lit the coals, aaand... FAIL. Bad idea. Among my minerals and rocks I had a few pieces of pyrite. That's fools gold, or iron sulfide. Besides the frankincense smoke, my home began smelling like burnt sulfur. Yeah... you put heat on sulfides, like pyrite, antimony or blende, you get sulphurous fumes. 

This is a magical hazard as well as a health hazard. Sulfur drives most spirits away, even demons, and calls saturnine influences. Also, sulfur smoke is hazardous to breathe. 
Do not use any minerals that are shady to you. The next thing I did was to collect white  pebbles and stones. They look great and they are smooth, so I can collect my ashes easily. And they do not burn.
Also, they are related to fire, because these stones when hit together produce sparks. 

I cannot caution our practitioners that ventilation is vital to the ritual space. If the space is too small, not only the smoke becomes unbearable, but the coals can smolder away some nasty carbon monoxide.
If your room is small, and you use a few candles, plus five censers with four coals each, there's a lot of burning going down. If the candles go out, it's not the spirit, it's the carbon  monoxide. If this happens, give the license to depart and close the rite, opening a window as soon as possible. 
Bottom line with this method: SUCCESS! 
I'll buy two more bowls and collect clean white stones, and I'll be set.

Oct 26, 2011

The Talismans

I put up a separate page for the entire series of documents, and I am currently doing the Lunar Talisman.

Now, I will have to appologise to my frequent clients if the basic information and format is the same, but all the documents have to contain the same basic info, for the people that can only afford only one document. So please bare with me if it seems repetitive, the vital details are changed, such as the names, the conjurations, colors and of course, the talismans.

Also, if you purchased any of the documents and did the talisman, please send me feedback, as I would like to include testemonies in future documents, with your appoval. Anonimity can also be repected. 

I could have included the testemonies of people that already tested them, but it would have looked extremely dubious:  this guy just released the documents and already has satisfied clients?  So I opted to put testionies only from the people who bought them.

Another thing:

please make sure that you make a talisman YOU ACTUALLY NEED! Do no fool around just tosee if it works!  Talismans have more potency in my experience if you need them, and tend to be powerless if done for f... fun's sake.

Oct 15, 2011

Crossed Keys Review

I finally got my copy of the long-awaited Crossed Keys, by Michael  Cecchetelli. This review has to contain, as I see it, a personal thanks to Michael, because my copy comes directly from him, signed on the titled page (guy's gotta brag! what?!). 

As I traveled half way across town to go to the external mail post office where it arrived, I must say I was a bit unsure if this was the book or not, I was expecting a few packages. When I saw the postal worker handling the big envelope, I was sure it was the Crossed Keys.  After the polite chitchat with them and doing all the legal formalities, I picked it up and climbed inside the tramway with a huge grin on my face and a not-so-steady heartbeat. I sat down, looked at the envelope and scratched my head as to where the hell can I open it not to damage the goodies. I ripped open one side and took it out, removing it from the bubbly wrap. Bigger grin on my face, heavier heartbeats. The quality of the copy astounded me, at first. I heard it's possible for the goldleaf to rubb off, but I tried and it was quite well punched in the fabric. The book itself was thick, with lustrous, silky pages having that new book smell that drives me crazy... 

The content was even more amazing to me: not only was the text set in a beautiful font and arranged with the uttmost care in page, but the figures and illustrations were clear, crisp and fresh, but still retaining that old illustration charm that can come only from old illustrations painstakingly cleaned up and upgraded. I know hw much work goes into that, so congratulations to the wonderful people of Scarlet Imprint for doing such a fine job. 

This is special to me in many ways: my first harcopy of the two most important grimoires of our Tradition, my first Scarlet Imprint book and my very own signed copy of a book produced by such a fine author. Not trying to be a writer's pet, I actually enjoyed his writing way before getting to know him. 
I ll be back with a full review of the contents as soon as I can.

Sep 2, 2011

Aiq Bekar Alphabet

With all my love and respect I wish to dedicate this alphabet to the most sublime and powerful angel Raziel. Working on the method I posted previously, I was working on a glyph that would better represent Raziel. That is, doing a seal of his name using the Aiq Bekar method, to illustrate it in greater detail (I will post a step by step process of ways and methods used to link the letters into a seal). I did this for other spirits, like Orphaniel and Asimor, but when I did Raziel, something happened. Maybe it's my imagination, maybe it's his help, but it hit me that one very powerful magic tool would be the Aiq Bekar alphabet. Not the one in Agrippa, not the one in Doctor Rudd's manuscript, but a power alphabet. The whole thing came to me and I started doing the letters, and the result is both aesthetically pleasing and powerful.

The shapes of the letters are in fact seals of the names. Each letter has a name and a numeric scale. A thing I learned from Arabic letter magic is that each letter can have more than one value. We in the Western magical tradition are used to operate with only one value, but that is just the beginning. Each letter can be spelled out, and the sum of the letters of the name can be called the secret value of the letter. 
To take the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, ALEF, it's name, if spelled out, would be Alef-Lamed-Pe final. In numeric terms, that is 1-30-800. The secret value of Alef is 831. If we sigilise the name, we get the secret shape. And we do that using the Kabbalah of the Nine Chambers.

After writing down the proper image for each letter, we begin to unite them, in the most logical manner possible, going right to left and up to down. 

Luckily, these very characters lend themselves nicely as an example. The First shape, of Alef, can be affixed to the second one, of Lamed, extremely well, having one line in common and creating an inferior line. This line is also very helpful, as the shape of the final Pe has a superior line, thus we can affix them nicely one to another and obtain one single character. Put some circles on the ends, and presto, we have ourselves a very powerful symbol denoting the energy of Alef: 

We do the same thing with the others. 
We start off by spelling the name of the letter, in our case Beth-Yod-Thav, and extract the basic shapes that we will work with:

Then we start linking them as pleasently as possible. In this case, the Beth and the Yod form a sort of threefold crown, and the Thav links very well to this shape, having a common  horizontal line:

Then we put some rings to seal off the ends, and presto, our sigil of the letter BETH.



(to be continued)

Aug 30, 2011

Aiq Bekar Sigils

Whoever had the chance of reading my Sigils of the Aiq Bekar knows my method of doing seals with the help of this technique. This is method number 2, so to speak, that I use mostly.

This method takes Agrippa’s method a bit further, but  keeps within the same lines. We keep the nine major forms that the Aiq Bekar gives us and place small circles as terminations.

This will give us a set of 27 sounds represented by 9 symbols, that is, an alphabet of 27 letters where the forms of three are identical. This is just a way of representing numeric kabbalah, since each letter is identical in form with the one it shares a numerical relation with: Aleph, Yud and Quf are represented by the same figure, for instance, because their values, 1, 10 and 100 are reducible to the same number, 1. Once we have the correct name of the entity spelled in Hebrew, from right to left, we can begin the sigil making process. We take the name of the angel BARIEL to exemplify this.

As in the Agrippa method, we make new symbols from the merging of sets of two. Two by two, all the letters of the name will be bound together. We can make use of the small circles and lines if there are similar forms one next to the other, in order to make the combination as aesthetic as possible. I

n the case of Bariel, we joined the first two and then the second two, a letter remaining. In order to make a more symmetric seal, we chose to join the last one as well, thus obtaining two seals meaning BAR and YEL.

We can either use these two symbols as they are, or we can further join them to obtain one seal. There is a multitude of ways in which one can join the resulting figures, depending on one’s fantasy, creativity, impulse, artistic reasons or simply interior intuition, but also depending on the length of the name sigilised and thus, the complexity and numbers of the figures. The two symbols obtained here are quite simple and symmetric, so they do not pose a great deal of difficulty in joining them together in a pleasant form.

If we like, we can go even one step further, and process the seal into another form, by bending the straight angles and making curved lines, even semicircles or crescents, or tilting the lines in ways we feel it can better suit the final form of our sigil. The result is often remarkable, yielding very interesting, simple and original sigils, and last but not least, effective symbols that incorporate the vibration and idea of the name chosen.

As I mentioned before, the resulting simple figures can be used by themselves as talismanic sigils. Especially when the name is longer, we have more symbols to use. This method is excellent for divine names and attributes that we can place on specific circles, diagrams or  ritual tools. We shall illustrate the example of ELOHIM TZEBAOTH (Elohim Tzvaoth). 

As usual, we write the name in Hebrew manner and choose our letters according to the sigilic alphabet listed above. After combing two letters at a time, we are left with six very interesting-looking symbols. We could have had only four, but as a rule, if there are two names, they will be dealt with separately. Even then, we could have chosen to bind them two or three at a time, but instead we used this method in order to obtain exactly six figures, because we need six figures in the talisman we wish to construct.

The result is the basis of a talismans, which can contain even more names, seal and sigils, according to our need. This is just one example.


Jul 14, 2011

Conjuration of the Day of Venus

[5.] Coniuracio diei Veneris.

Coniuro et confirmo et sigillo super vos, angeli fortes et sancti atque potentes,

I conjure and reinforce and seal upon you, strong and holy and also mighty angels,
in nomine Hay, Hey, Hea, Ya, A, Ya, Ya, Ananey,

In the name of Hay, Hey, Hea, Ya, A, Ya, Ya, Ananey,
in nomine Saday, qui creauit quadrupedia et animalia reptilia et hominem in sexto die, et dedit ade potestatem super omnia animalia- inde benedictus sit nomen creatoris in loco suo,

In the name of Saday, who created quadrupeds and animals [and] creeping things  and man in the sixth day, and gave Adam Power over all the animals – thenceforth blessed be the name of the creator in his place,
et per nomina angelorum qui seruiunt  exercitui sexto, coram Daghyel, angelo magno principi, forte atque potenti,

And by the names of the angels that serve in the sixth army, before Daghyel, a great angelic prince, strong and also powerful,
et per nomen stelle que est Venus,
et per nomen sigilli eius, quod quoddam sigillum est sacratum,
et per omnia predicta.

And by the name of the star that is Venus, and by the name of it’s seal, a sealthat has been made sacred, and by all the aforesaid.   
Coniuro super te, angele magne Anael, qui est prepositus diei sexto,
I conjure upon you, great angel Anael, who is the ruler of the sixth day,



vt pro me labores vt supra
to work for me, like above-said, etc.

note: this comes before the day of Jupiter in the manuscript, contrary to the traditional order. 

Jul 4, 2011

New blog and Thank You's

First of all, I would like to thank my blog followers for supporting this work and for being interested in what I do. Along with other readers and guests that are anonymous, and whom I also give thanks, all around blessings for those of you who follow it and can be personally named. Some of you I know from forums, yahoo groups and real life, some I do not know, some of you I look up to as models in magical practice and writing, and you know full well who you people are despite your modesty. Thank you Keph777, Johannes, Jow, Sam, Senkoccr, Phoenix Power, John Santos, Orochimaru Renji Hosegawa, Alphonsus, Robert, Enigmius Ah, Mag Dalen, Jonah, Mike Cecchetelli, Dios, John, Kostas Hypnovatos,  Darrel Nakul, Karma Police, Fra.Ashen FNF, Subhashini Eeswaran, Muninn's Kiss, Dr. Michael Davis, Arianrhod, Lux Infinitas, Gilbert, Nakohakase, Yahazim, Occutus Templi Lucifer, Tolka, Prometeu and Laimen. And those who will follow after you!
If I forgot anyone or misspelled your name, please forgive me (don t hex me or anything) and let me know so I can correct it.

I wish to invite you all to my new blog also, dealing with my illustration work and my commisions:

Hope you like it!

Jun 27, 2011

Conjuration of the day of Mercury

[4.] Coniuracio diei Mercurij.

Coniuro et confirmo et sigillo super vos, angeli fortes et sancti et potentes,
I conjure and reinforce and seal upon you, strong and holy and mighty angels,
in nomine fortis, metuendi et benedicendi, Ya, Adonay, Eleoym, Saday, Saday, Saday, Eye, Eye, Ehe, Asaame, Asaomie, Asamye,
In the name of the strong, formidable and blessing Ya, Adonay, Eleoym, Saday, Saday, Saday, Eye, Eye, Ehe, Asaame, Asaomie, Asamye,
in nomine domini Adonay, cum quo super verba hominum sigillauit Saa, quid Sayguans, Capym, Say, Saaqui,
et per nomina Cryasy, Adonay, Taguaasas, Adonay, dei Israel, quia ipse est [qui creauit] diem et noctem,
In the name of the lord Adonay, with whose word man was sealed, Saa what Sayguans, Capym, Say, Saaqui, and by the name Cryasy, Adonay, Taguaasas, Adonay, god of Israel, for he is one who created day and night,
et per nomina omnium angelorum seruiencium [70v]  exercitui 4o, quorum Thytagora, angelo maiori, forti atque potenti,
And by the names of all the angels serving in the fourth army before Thytagora, the greater angel, strong and also powerful,
et per nomen stelle que est Mercurius, et per nomen sigilli cum quo est sigillatur Adon, fortissimo et honorato,
et per omnia predicta.
And by the name of the star that is Mercury, and by the name of the seal with which Adon is sealed, most strong and honored, and by all the aforesaid.   
Coniuro super te, angele magne Michahel, qui est prepositus diei 4o,
I conjure you, great angel Michahel, who is the ruler of the fourth day,
et per nomen sanctum quod in fronte Aaron sacredotis altissimi creatoris erat,
And by the sacred name that was on the forehead of Aaron, the priest of the Most-high Creator,
et per nomina angelorum qui in gracia confirmati sunt creatoris,
[qui in gratia creatoris confirmati sunt]
And by the names of the angels that are reinforced in the grace of the creator,
et per nomen sedes animalium habencium seuas et alas, [senas alas]
And by the name of the throne of creatures that have six wings,
vt pro me labores in [causa] mea, vt cicius ducatur ad effectum optatum, etc.
To work for me in my concern, to lead me quicker to the desired effect, etc

in nomine fortis, metuendissimi, & benedicti Ia, Adonay, Eloim, Saday, Saday, Saday, Eie, Eie, Eie, Asamie, Asaraie:
in nomine fortis, metuendissimi & benedicti Ja, Adonay, Eloim, Saday, Saday, Saday, Eie, Eie, Eie, Asamie, Asaraie:

in nomine Adonay Dei Israel
in nomine Adonay Dei Israel

per nomen omnium Angelorum deseruientium in exercitu quarto, coram Tegra
per nomen omnium Angelorum deservientium in exercitu secundo coram Tetra

super te Raphael Angele magne, coniuro, qui es præpositus diei quartæ:
super te Raphael Angele magne, conjuro, qui es præpositus die: quartæ: