Feb 5, 2011

The Magical Sword, part 2

I wasn't quite pleased with the results i got yesterday, so i tried to think of a technique that would make the letters better defined, controlling the acid better.

Good thing i have a bunch of stuff laying around my desk, because i looked at my sturdy double-faced tape and i said to myself, why not? It it burns right through it, i could neutralize it quickly and save my blade.

I put two strips of tape on the blade and forcefully pressed them to make one compact body. Then i took a boxcutter(x-acto knife) and cut the Hebrew letters of Elohim Gibor into it.
The result was this pretty little thing:

Then i tried my luck with the acid, rubbing each letter gently with a q-tip moistened with acid. The acid again tends to run, but after it starts to corrode the steel, it sticks. After carefully wetting each letter, i basically filled each one with as much acid as it could hold. After about 10 or 20 minutes, the surface was bubbling with green ferric sulfate. I wiped it clean with a wet towel, then dried the letters and put some more acid, to add more depth.

  As you can see, the wax paper began to absorb the reactant slurr a bit, but the rubbery sticky tape was holding on just fine underneath.
After peeling the whole thing off, i noticed two things:
1. I'm very happy with the quality of this technique, and it can be done in under 20 minutes, if properly prepared. The letters are fine cut, deep, and opaque, and the quality cannot even compare to my first trials.

2.I'm a bit of a moron, because there was a space like half a millimeter where the strips overlapped. Although they were tightly sealed, the acid leaked, and i have a bit of a muddled middle section (try saying that 3 times in a row). Next time i will be careful enough to use wider tape.


  1. Interesting. Certainly much better than what I've done. I managed to find a consecrate a burin that can cut into steel. You can only see what was done if you tilt it just right but it worked fine for me. Found the burin at an Ace Hardware store. Now if I can just find me a proper sword and staff to consecrate. But thank you for the idea it looks stunning :D

  2. thank you, Alphonsus. I have a good mind to strip my original sword of it's handle and make a new one from black goats horn, that's what Byzantine magicians used.

    My next article is about the Conjuration of the sword , so stick around for more goodies.