May 29, 2011

Conjuration of the day of the Sun

I  will start a series of seven articles in which I will present my own translations of the planetary conjurations presented in Richard Kieckhefer’s Forbidden Rites. This work, dedicated to the study of the so called Munich Manual, contains a brief treatise of angelic magic, mainly planetary, that is very closely related with the Heptameron. I think it should benefit anyone working with the Heptameron to be aware of such texts.
The conjurations vary slightly in wording and content, so I added notes comparing them to those in the Heptameron.
Without further a due, the first conjuration, on page 297:  
[1.] [69r] Coniuracio diei solis.
Coniuro et confirmo super vos angeli fortes et sancti,
I conjure and reinforce upon you the strong and holy angels,
in nomine Adonay, Adonay, Eye, Eye, Eyu, qui est ille qui fuit, est, et erit, Eye, Aloraye,
In the name of Adonay, Adonay, Eye, Eye, Eyu, He who is that He is, was, is and will be, Eye, Aloraye,
in nomine Sadaye, Saday, Cados, Cados, Cados, altus, super cherubim sedens,
et per nomen ipsius magni, sancti, fortis, potentis, et exaltati, super omnes celos, Eye, Saraye, Plasmatoris seculorum, qui creauit mundum, celum, et terram, mare, et omnia qui in eis sunt in primo die celorum, et sigillauit super eos cum nomine sancto suo, Yhon, super terram que sigillam terra est, honorato, precioso nomine suo Yhaa,
In the name Sadaye, Saday, Cados, Cados, Cados, The High one, that sits upon the cherubim,
And by his own great, holy, strong, mighty and exalted name, in all of the heavens, Eye, Saraye, Maker of the Ages, who created the world, the sky, and the earth, the sea, and all those within them, in the first day of the heavens, and sealed them with his holy name Yhon, upon the earth, which is the seal of the earth, his honored [and] precious name Yhaa,
et per nomine sanctorum angelorum qui dominantur in primo exercitu et seruiunt coram potentissimo Salamia, angelo magno et honorato,
And by the names of the holy angels who [are] reigning in the first army and [are] serving before the most powerful Salamia, the great and honored angel,
et per nomen stelle que est Sol,
et per signum inmensissium diei viui et quod omnia predicta.[sic]

And by the name of the star that is the Sun, and by the seal of the immense Living God, and by all the aforesaid,   
Coniuro super Raphael angelum qui est prepositus diei dominici,

I conjure [upon you] Raphael, the angel who is the ruler of Sunday,
et super nomen Adonay, dei Israel, qui creauit mundum et quicquid est in eo,
And upon the sacred name Adonay, God of Israel,  who created the world and whatever is in it,


quod pro me labores et adimpleas  omnem voluntatem meam et peticionen iuxta meum velle et  votum in negocio et causa mea.
To work for me and fulfill all of my wishes and requests, according to my will and desire in my concern and my cause.


A. Most translation would have it " I conjure and confirm you, great angels". I believe the conjurations are actually meant  for the Aerial Spirits, constrained by the angels, not for the angels themselves.
Latin version: Adonay, Eye, Eya, qui est ille, qui fuit, est, & erit, Eye, Abraye
Turner Version: Adonay, Eye, Eye, Eya, qui est ille, qui fuit, est & erit, Eye, Abraye
Lat: Saday, Cados, Cados, Cados.... Eye, Saray.... Phaa.
Tur: Saday, Cados, Cados, Cados.... Eye, Saraye....Phaa
Lat: in primo [*quarto] Exercitu, & seruiunt coram potentissimo Salamia
Tur: in quarto exercitu, & serviunt coram potentissimo Salamia
Lat: Michael, Angele Magne, qui es præpositus Diei Dominicæ
Tur: Michael angele magne, qui es præpositus Diei Dominicæ

May 16, 2011

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My work

I will post my scribd documents here. Feel free to download and share them as you wish.

May 7, 2011

The magical tripod

Here you can read my entry on the tripod of the art, following the traditional method of Arabic magic.