Jul 14, 2011

Conjuration of the Day of Venus

[5.] Coniuracio diei Veneris.

Coniuro et confirmo et sigillo super vos, angeli fortes et sancti atque potentes,

I conjure and reinforce and seal upon you, strong and holy and also mighty angels,
in nomine Hay, Hey, Hea, Ya, A, Ya, Ya, Ananey,

In the name of Hay, Hey, Hea, Ya, A, Ya, Ya, Ananey,
in nomine Saday, qui creauit quadrupedia et animalia reptilia et hominem in sexto die, et dedit ade potestatem super omnia animalia- inde benedictus sit nomen creatoris in loco suo,

In the name of Saday, who created quadrupeds and animals [and] creeping things  and man in the sixth day, and gave Adam Power over all the animals – thenceforth blessed be the name of the creator in his place,
et per nomina angelorum qui seruiunt  exercitui sexto, coram Daghyel, angelo magno principi, forte atque potenti,

And by the names of the angels that serve in the sixth army, before Daghyel, a great angelic prince, strong and also powerful,
et per nomen stelle que est Venus,
et per nomen sigilli eius, quod quoddam sigillum est sacratum,
et per omnia predicta.

And by the name of the star that is Venus, and by the name of it’s seal, a sealthat has been made sacred, and by all the aforesaid.   
Coniuro super te, angele magne Anael, qui est prepositus diei sexto,
I conjure upon you, great angel Anael, who is the ruler of the sixth day,



vt pro me labores vt supra
to work for me, like above-said, etc.

note: this comes before the day of Jupiter in the manuscript, contrary to the traditional order. 

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