Jul 4, 2011

New blog and Thank You's

First of all, I would like to thank my blog followers for supporting this work and for being interested in what I do. Along with other readers and guests that are anonymous, and whom I also give thanks, all around blessings for those of you who follow it and can be personally named. Some of you I know from forums, yahoo groups and real life, some I do not know, some of you I look up to as models in magical practice and writing, and you know full well who you people are despite your modesty. Thank you Keph777, Johannes, Jow, Sam, Senkoccr, Phoenix Power, John Santos, Orochimaru Renji Hosegawa, Alphonsus, Robert, Enigmius Ah, Mag Dalen, Jonah, Mike Cecchetelli, Dios, John, Kostas Hypnovatos,  Darrel Nakul, Karma Police, Fra.Ashen FNF, Subhashini Eeswaran, Muninn's Kiss, Dr. Michael Davis, Arianrhod, Lux Infinitas, Gilbert, Nakohakase, Yahazim, Occutus Templi Lucifer, Tolka, Prometeu and Laimen. And those who will follow after you!
If I forgot anyone or misspelled your name, please forgive me (don t hex me or anything) and let me know so I can correct it.

I wish to invite you all to my new blog also, dealing with my illustration work and my commisions:

Hope you like it!


  1. Your work is awesome. Kudos muchos. :D

  2. Gratias vatto! Thank you very much. Man, you re quick..i just posted this :)))