Sep 2, 2011

Aiq Bekar Alphabet

With all my love and respect I wish to dedicate this alphabet to the most sublime and powerful angel Raziel. Working on the method I posted previously, I was working on a glyph that would better represent Raziel. That is, doing a seal of his name using the Aiq Bekar method, to illustrate it in greater detail (I will post a step by step process of ways and methods used to link the letters into a seal). I did this for other spirits, like Orphaniel and Asimor, but when I did Raziel, something happened. Maybe it's my imagination, maybe it's his help, but it hit me that one very powerful magic tool would be the Aiq Bekar alphabet. Not the one in Agrippa, not the one in Doctor Rudd's manuscript, but a power alphabet. The whole thing came to me and I started doing the letters, and the result is both aesthetically pleasing and powerful.

The shapes of the letters are in fact seals of the names. Each letter has a name and a numeric scale. A thing I learned from Arabic letter magic is that each letter can have more than one value. We in the Western magical tradition are used to operate with only one value, but that is just the beginning. Each letter can be spelled out, and the sum of the letters of the name can be called the secret value of the letter. 
To take the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, ALEF, it's name, if spelled out, would be Alef-Lamed-Pe final. In numeric terms, that is 1-30-800. The secret value of Alef is 831. If we sigilise the name, we get the secret shape. And we do that using the Kabbalah of the Nine Chambers.

After writing down the proper image for each letter, we begin to unite them, in the most logical manner possible, going right to left and up to down. 

Luckily, these very characters lend themselves nicely as an example. The First shape, of Alef, can be affixed to the second one, of Lamed, extremely well, having one line in common and creating an inferior line. This line is also very helpful, as the shape of the final Pe has a superior line, thus we can affix them nicely one to another and obtain one single character. Put some circles on the ends, and presto, we have ourselves a very powerful symbol denoting the energy of Alef: 

We do the same thing with the others. 
We start off by spelling the name of the letter, in our case Beth-Yod-Thav, and extract the basic shapes that we will work with:

Then we start linking them as pleasently as possible. In this case, the Beth and the Yod form a sort of threefold crown, and the Thav links very well to this shape, having a common  horizontal line:

Then we put some rings to seal off the ends, and presto, our sigil of the letter BETH.



(to be continued)


  1. I can't place a finger on a why, but I really like the way this works out and the way it looks. Something to think on, thanks.

  2. I recall doing something similiar a few years back. These things are all helpful in strengthening associations. Interesting method.

  3. This is great work. I may use it if you allow me to.

  4. As long as it s not commercial use (book), and you give the proper credits (drop a name, drop a link), anyone can use this as they please. It s my pleasure! Thanks!