Oct 15, 2011

Crossed Keys Review

I finally got my copy of the long-awaited Crossed Keys, by Michael  Cecchetelli. This review has to contain, as I see it, a personal thanks to Michael, because my copy comes directly from him, signed on the titled page (guy's gotta brag! what?!). 

As I traveled half way across town to go to the external mail post office where it arrived, I must say I was a bit unsure if this was the book or not, I was expecting a few packages. When I saw the postal worker handling the big envelope, I was sure it was the Crossed Keys.  After the polite chitchat with them and doing all the legal formalities, I picked it up and climbed inside the tramway with a huge grin on my face and a not-so-steady heartbeat. I sat down, looked at the envelope and scratched my head as to where the hell can I open it not to damage the goodies. I ripped open one side and took it out, removing it from the bubbly wrap. Bigger grin on my face, heavier heartbeats. The quality of the copy astounded me, at first. I heard it's possible for the goldleaf to rubb off, but I tried and it was quite well punched in the fabric. The book itself was thick, with lustrous, silky pages having that new book smell that drives me crazy... 

The content was even more amazing to me: not only was the text set in a beautiful font and arranged with the uttmost care in page, but the figures and illustrations were clear, crisp and fresh, but still retaining that old illustration charm that can come only from old illustrations painstakingly cleaned up and upgraded. I know hw much work goes into that, so congratulations to the wonderful people of Scarlet Imprint for doing such a fine job. 

This is special to me in many ways: my first harcopy of the two most important grimoires of our Tradition, my first Scarlet Imprint book and my very own signed copy of a book produced by such a fine author. Not trying to be a writer's pet, I actually enjoyed his writing way before getting to know him. 
I ll be back with a full review of the contents as soon as I can.

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