Oct 26, 2011

The Talismans

I put up a separate page for the entire series of documents, and I am currently doing the Lunar Talisman.

Now, I will have to appologise to my frequent clients if the basic information and format is the same, but all the documents have to contain the same basic info, for the people that can only afford only one document. So please bare with me if it seems repetitive, the vital details are changed, such as the names, the conjurations, colors and of course, the talismans.

Also, if you purchased any of the documents and did the talisman, please send me feedback, as I would like to include testemonies in future documents, with your appoval. Anonimity can also be repected. 

I could have included the testemonies of people that already tested them, but it would have looked extremely dubious:  this guy just released the documents and already has satisfied clients?  So I opted to put testionies only from the people who bought them.

Another thing:

please make sure that you make a talisman YOU ACTUALLY NEED! Do no fool around just tosee if it works!  Talismans have more potency in my experience if you need them, and tend to be powerless if done for f... fun's sake.

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