Jan 22, 2012

Talismans Questions

The following questions have been asked by different clients who bought my documents. Some may not be questions, but they do lead to further explanations. Questions that deal with the specific techniques will not be published, only those that may deal with general talismans, for the help of all those who make such objects and for those who may buy them in the future.
All the people asking questions will be anonymous.

1. I would like to know if I can make such talismans for my children: the boy 17(still a boy), and two daughters 7 & 12. The take care of those things, I've done some for protection and they really care for them.  So they won't desecrate or debase them, they respect these items as sacred.
1. The Solar talisman is not quite for children. Each age has it s planetary ruler. Earth governs the womb, the Moon governs childhood from 0 to 7 years, when the body functions are just forming. Next 7 years, from 7-14, are governed by Mercury, the learning state. The next seven years by Venus, from 14-21, the sentimental love stage. Only after that comes the Sun, from 21 to 28, young maturity stage.  There would be nothing wrong with a Sun talisman for a child, but Sun talismans require either a proper age, or a Sun predisposition, like if your child was born on Sunday or in Leo. Otherwise, I would suggest a talisman appropriate to their age. If protection is the thing you desire, the Moon talisman would be safe. A Solar talisman heavily charged can sometimes bring unbalance if the person has not reached maturity. Like giving them your credit card at age 13...  Now, I do not know your children and do not know how mature they are and what potential they have. You don t want to have a celebrity daughter, do you? Sun talismans are mainly good for career and social status. Should you decide to make them still, they will have to be consecrated in their name, using their full name and their mother s name. You would say something along the lines of: I consecrate this object for the benefit and use of Chloe Tanya Namelessson, daughter of Brenda Carla Lewis Namelesson, et. Goes the same for boys, still their mother s name.
2. Purpose: What's your suggestion about the purpose? Can it be a single objective or goal, or can be some different goals, such as boost finances(I run a business), self-confidence, being liked, to be protected against spirits, illnesses, accidents, physical attacks, or is that too much and dilutes the energy of the talisman?
2.  You should get a good idea of your priorities, then couple them up in fewer words. I could sum up what you wrote in : Happiness and fullfilment of me and my family, under the mercy of God.  
3. Besides, even if I choose 2 or 3 goals, does the talisman still will have some effect according to the general lines of what is stated on page 3 of the booklet?
3. Yes, it will, if you include these things in the consecration and conjuration. Do not expect to get extra stuff if you do not ask of them.

4. My mother tongue is Spanish, so I'll try to translate the conjurations to Spanish using the Latin version as a base and your English translation too, I'm not too proficient in Latin but is the parent of Spanish as well as Romanian.

4. Great to hear that! I translated them in Romanian and I believe they are still active in whatever language they are spoken in.

5. I'll prepare myself during a week before making the consecration(next full moon, next Sunday is waning), do you suggest any Psalm(s) related to Raphael and/or the Sun?

5. The best Psalms I could think of are the Psalms of Praise, any psalm that revolves aroud the idea of taking pleasure in pleasing God, exalting His name and sanctity and sovereingty. Especially one that contains the epithet King. You have to seach for yourself. Even if you go though the whole Psalm book, which is extremely pleasent and powerfull when done in devotio, you can select a few good psalms and make notes.
Also, check out Peterson s Magical Psalter:

6.Finally, is there any problem about rituals related to chtonic spirits such of those of the GV or the Goetia? In such event I'll take care of keeping the talisman in a drawer of the my altar, won't wear it just in case, but would like to know your comments on this regard.

6. If you deal with such spirits, I see why you would want to protect your children. Yes, I would not use the Seal of the Sun on them, or show it to them, unless they are of a sun nature (appearing as lions, kings, mighty rulers or as yellow or golden orbs, dealing with riches or treasures. You could make a special talisman for ritual work and use it to bind them or kneel them if they are stubborned, depends on what approach you use with demons: the It s-my-right-to-ask-you-because-you-are-damned-and-appointed-to-our-service-Approach or the lets-become-friends-and-we-can-work-together-because-demons-are-just-cool-that-way-Approach.

7. Is goat skin parchment okay?
Yes, I believe parchment and traditional materials will lead to better results than paper in my opinion.

8. When you say one talisman at a time, do you mean like one talisman per week? Or one talisman per use, for example say if I wanted to use the Solar talisman for an ongoing boost for self-confidence and the Lunar talisman to tune into the Lunar current (help wih my divination skill and so forth) - should I give a couple of weeks in between making them? Or should I wait until I don't need the solar one to then make the Lunar one?

If you want to make seven pentacles for ritual use, that is just fine. But if you are using them for special ends and ongoing projects, it would be better to wait a bit. Remember you will be empowering them  repeatedly in order to get better results, so I'd say 28 days is the minimum between workings. You can of course disregard my advice and record your success or failure, it would be equally interesting to me.
 But it would be a sign of determination and wisdom for the angels you call upon to stick to one thing for a longer period, than going around consecrating talismans you don t need right and left.
Try to prioritize as you will have enough time to do all you need.

9. The Talismans should not be touched by anyone else ? How can I make one for another person ? Should I explicit it in the Ritual (like, naming the person who this talisman would be for), or this is not quite an option, when following the Munich Manual ?

Correct, the talisman is only to be touched by you. Some talismans can be touched by others, but that has to be stated clearly in the consecration, that is, the talisman can work for you, whenever you touch X with it.
If you wish to make one for another person, I suggest you teach them the methods therein, it s best. But you can do one for another person as long as you specify this in the consecration and you receive something in return. Nothing must be done for free.   The Munich Manual doesn t say much about these symbols, it just lists them, the rest of the process is my own.

10.  It is possible to consacrate any other object, with this ritual ? Like a small image of Angel Raphael for the Sun, or a stone?

It is possible to consecrate any other objects as long as it is of planetary affinity. I would suggest not making an image of Raphael, but a seal or talismans. Angels abhore images, idols and any other thing that might make them a target of worship. It is quite against their beliefs and standards.


  1. Good post.

    To further your last point "Angels abhore images, idols and any other thing that might make them a target of worship. It is quite against their beliefs and standards." They may actually be punished for the worship too. When Metatron was thought to be a second God amongst heaven as he was allowed to sit, he was punished by God to show that he was not.

  2. Aye aye! He was whipped by an even greater angel, Anaphiel, with scourges of fire.