Jan 10, 2013

Affordable scrying implements

Ever got the feeling that the tools and implements you use in magic choose you rather than the the way around? I had. And it s a recurring thing.

Even before I got to working on Frater Ashen s book about experimenting with the Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals, I found myself in an avid search regarding scrying, both with a crystal ball and with a water vessel. 

Somehow, the water vessel attracts me more. 

Besides the ambivalence that the four books of the Lemegeton shows towards the evoking medium (before the circle or in the scrying surface), a lot of texts carried me towards water scrying. 

In particular, the method used in Arthur Gantlet s grimoire and in the Book of the Treasure Spirits, both edited by David Rankine and in the experiments of Frederick Hockley.

The method involves a table covered with cloth, a round vessel full of water, a band of divine names, one or two candles and a seal drawn on vellum or paper that covers the mouth of the vessel.

Yesterday while shopping a very peculiar thing caught my eye and I thought it was perfect for such a task: a clear, simple wide wine glass. 

Filled with water it can provide the ideal vessel for scrying and the cost was very low, about 1 or 2 dollars.

Also, I needed a stand or a circular wooden plaque. Found one, bought one. Very conveniant. Now, mind you, it s not a special scrying wooden plaque, it s a hard wood, hand carved thingy people use to chop stuff in the kitchen, but the size of it was just right. 

If the method does not require a holy table like Barret asks, and just the table and vessel, this very thing can be supported on three wooden legs to make the table itself.

Today I woke up and set my mind on buying a bigger one. I went to a commercial complex that sells all kinds of stuff, rushed through it, climbed the stairs and went straight to the glassware section. And the first thing I saw was this pretty thing.

Basically it s the same thing, only four times bigger than my big wine glass. The round part is bigger than my head, I think. The total hight of the thing is 36 cm (about 14 inches) while the circumference of the bulk is 58 cm (about 23 inches).


Never tried my had at scrying but always was fearful of not being able to see things in small crystals. Well.. problem solved. This is the flat-screen monster of all scrying vessels. 

Only thing is that filled up with water it can hold up to 2 liters, so it can be quite heavy. The leg might give and break. I m considering reinforcing it somehow or building a tripod like stand to take some of the pressure off.

Price: the whole shebang, under 20 $. That s about half of the price I would pay on Ebay for a small glass ball being passed off as a Chinese quartz sphere. 


  1. I was wondering if I could know do you write talismans and do you accept orders?

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  2. This reminds me of thinking about building a wand, but never getting around to it because it just seemed silly and arcane to me, so one day while doing work outside with this thought on my mind i came across a magnificent feather of either a falcon or a hawk, black sprinkled with splashes of white and gray, now thats my kind of wand. Cheers.

  3. Pendulum work chose me. I would never had thought to make it a part if my practice. It has increased the potency of my practice immeasurably

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